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Pressure Tester for Oil-well Pump

Product features

Reasonable structure 

Stable performance 

Easy maintenance 


Product details


This tester is used to test the sealability and leakage of oil-well pump. The tester can satify the requirements of GB/T 18607-2001 “The specification of oil-well pump and its components”


1、satisfying the pressure and speed requirements by fast fill low pressure diesel and fast build up high pressure

2、applicable diameter:φ34-φ128mm;applicable lenght:3300-12500mm

3、test pressure:0-40MPa;Max working pressure:45MPa

4、working media:GB252-81 10#  light diesel oil

5、capacity of one cycle:one pcs and three pcs

6、pressure fluctuation of leakage:10MPa±0.5MPa


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