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Tubing、Sucker rod Reparation Line

Product features

Reasonable structure 

Stable performance 

Easy maintenance 


Product details


Our company is specialized in design、production、installation、debugging and service of tubing and sucker rod reparation line, including tubing hot water cleanerpipe descaling cleaning machine、NDT、drifter、cutting、threading、changing coupling、pressure testing、painting、marking、sorting、transport line and pipe moving devices and so on.


1、transport line:single motor-planetary reducer, motor power:370W,average speed: 36m/min,roller space: 2.2m. protector is equipped for every motor to protect the safety of the motor. Control mode of the motors is flexible to save energy.


2、pipe moving device:driven by air cylinder, including single cylinder and double cylinders.


3、the whole production line is controlled by the PLC system, and is controlled according to the function area. In the PLC system, DP bus is used to communicate among all the substations. Reasonable design、safe running、easy maintenance are the feature of the system.

 4、noise protection can be equipped if it is necessary.


5、 All the movements are interlocking control. conveyor rollers can start or stop automatically according to the sensors signals to save energy.


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