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Tubing Hot Water Cleaner

Product features

Reasonable structure 

Stable performance 

Easy maintenance 


Product details


Tubing hot water cleaner is used to clean the old tubing which will be reused by hot water.

The machine used natural gas or heat transfer oil or electric to heat the water to the set temperature.

The tubing will be steamed、steeped in the hot water. The inner and outer wall of the tubing will be flushed by hot water. The outer wall can be cleaned by steel brush too.


The machine is a closed box so water can be kept hot. Tubing will be cleaned in the closed box. Sludge is collected in the box and easy to be cleaned.

Technical indicators:

1、applicable tubing diameter:  Ф48.2 mm to Ф114.3 mm

2、applicable tubing length: 7.6 m to 9.8 m

3、applicable sucker rod diameter:  Ф19 mm to Ф25 mm

4、applicable sucker rod length: 8 m to 9.2 m

5、cleaning speed: 80pcs/h to 120pcs/h, frequency control is used

6、heating temperature: 85 ℃ ~ 98 ℃

7、heating method: natural gas or heat transfer oil or electric


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