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High Precision Pump

Product features

Reasonable structure 

Stable performance 

Easy maintenance 


Product details


The pump is used to provide high precision constant pressure output or constant flow output. The pump can build up pressure for sample chamber and confining pressure chamber at the same time, and implement the rapid tracking between the two pressures with constant pressure difference. The pressure accuracy is very high, and the tracking speed is rapid.

The pump is widely used in chemical industry、adding catalyst、researching supercutical fluid、core flooding experiment and pressure tracking and so on.

Main technical parameters:

Pump volume:100ml×2

Flow rate range:100nl/min—40ml/min,adjustable

Pressure range:0MPa -80MPa

Resolution ratio of pressure difference:0.1MPa

Tracking error:≤0.1MPa

Tracking speed:≤2 S

Flow rate accuracy:0.5% set value(under constant flow rate mode)

Pressure accuracy:0.5% full scale(under constant pressure mode)


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