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U-Shape Pipe Hydro-tester

Product features

Reasonable structure

Stable performance

Easy maintenance


Product details


APTU series pipe testers are designed for the U shape pipes for pressure test. It has the water blowing and drying function. Water is reused with closed recycle system. 




Applicable diameter: Φ12mm - Φ45mm


Bend radius: 25mm-1500mm(the distance of two test head can be adjusted automatically)


Sealing form: small clearance radial sealing


Test blind length: ≤80mm one end, should be cutted.


Test speed(holding time:10s):Φ16×12m×20MPa, Max 45pcs/h(not including the transfer time by the buyer)


Other parameters are the same with the single pipe tester.

Note: the buyer is responsible for transferring the pipes to the test station(accuracy: steel line for pipe end: ±15mm; steel line for center line: ±10mm)


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