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Pressure Tester for Wellhead

Product features

Reasonable structure 

Stable performance 

Easy maintenance 


Product details


This tester is used to test the wellhead equipments (such as blowout preventer and christmas tree). The tester can work automatically from the water filling to pressure releasing.


1、working process is controlled by the computer and PLC system, and is safety and reliable

2、the testing data、curves can be real-time displayed、stored and printed

3、safety measures are adopted to ensure the safety on site

4、labour intensity is lowered, efficiency is increased

5、reasonable structure is designed to ensure the sealing property

6、pressure intensifier is used to control the pressure precisely


1、Max pressure:160MPa

2、oil pressure:20 MPa

3、pressure building up mode:intensifier,1.5L/160MPa

4、speed:<30 min/pcs

5、applicable range:18-35 single/double rings blowout preventer、7-1/16*3000Psi API wellhead equipments


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