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Performance Test Device of Positive Displacement Motor

Product features

Reasonable structure 

Stable performance 

Easy maintenance 


Product details


The device is used to test the performance index of positive displacement motor. The device collects the testing data, and treats it, obtains the result according to SY/T5383-1999 ‘ positive displacement motor’.

The device mainly includes main body、hydraulic system、water system、data collecting system.

Main parameters:

1、Torque range: 0—20000N·m

2、Rotate speed range: 0—800 r/min

3、Inlet pressure range: 0—10MPa

4、Outlet pressure range: 0—1MPa

5、Flow testing range: 0—45l/s

6、Inlet temperature: 0—100℃


1、Filling pump is controlled by frequency motor.

2、Clamping and moving is carried out by the oil cylinder.

3、Testing data is collected、 stored real-timely and can be inquired

4、Performance curve can be drawn automatically.


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